20 Ways to Tie Your Wrap Choker (Plus 3 Ways to Tie Your Mini Wrap)

Kylie Trappitt

Posted on July 18 2017

20 Ways to Tie Your Wrap Choker (Plus 3 Ways to Tie Your Mini Wrap)
Being a teen in the 90's the wrap choker trend is definitely something I've jumped right onto. They are by far the most versatile accessory in my wardrobe. I love how each style brings a different look to your outfit.

Back in May, I jumped on Live onto the Facebook page to give a tutorial on the many, many ways you can wear your wrap chokers. From long and loose to wrist wraps to even as a belt, the final count was 20 - but there are countless more variations of knots, bows and ties I'm sure you can come up with. I've added the recorded video in this post below for you to check out the various styles. Pop a comment below with your favourite or if you have new suggestions for me to try.

Meanwhile, here are my 3 favourite ways to wear my wrap choker and scroll to the video at the bottom to check out all 20!


1. Wrap and bow at the neck
 Wrap Choker


2. Move the beads and wrap multiple times around your wrist.
Wrap Choker Bracelet


3. Wear as a simple tie belt or boho headband 
Wrap Choker

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20 Ways To Wear Your Wrap Choker

(and 3 ways to tie your mini wrap)


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