An Introduction to the Four Pillars of Destiny

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Posted on November 17 2018

An Introduction to the Four Pillars of Destiny

Introduction to the Four Pillars of Destiny

Four Pillars of Destiny is all about balance, an ancient Chinese practice to give you wisdom and empower you to uncover your potential and move through life confidently. In this blog post, we welcome Lila from The Four Pillars of Destiny to introduce us to this ancient practice.

What are the Four Pillars of Destiny?

The Four Pillars of Destiny is an ancient technique of Feng Shui to create harmony within one’s self.

It translates the Five Elements and interprets using time tested Chinese Astrology to insight into your past, present, and future. These insights help to understand how to establish a balance using the Five Elements in your daily living, with your present environment and to plan for your future.

Chinese Astrology is different than Western Astrology as it uses animals and elements that are built from Yin/Yang to express an idea.

It is based on the premise that your fate is determined by the first breath you take. Literally, that you inhale your destiny at birth, a composite of chi present at that exact moment.

Four Pillars of Destiny is a method of calculating and interpreting your individual composite of five phase components (Chi) to provide you with insight, direction and guidance to achieve balance.

How does the Four Pillars of Destiny chart work?

With 5 Elements built from Yin/Yang and 12 Animals, there are 60 different combinations based on time, date and place of birth.

Your chart is combined of 4 Pillars plus 8 Luck Pillars (although this may vary). The top section of the chart is called Heavenly Stems and the bottom is the Earthly branches.

The Pillars interplay together and help you to understand your strengths, your weakness, your personality, your direction in life and your best times.

Every Day, Month, Year and 10 years there is a new element that influences your chart.

The Five Elements cover:

 Fire Element


Symbolizing tall, radiant, outgoing, warm, expanded. Fire rules speech and laughter from the heart (get it off your chest).

Earth Element


The Earth energy is harmonizing, gathering, unifying, receptive.

Metal Element


Energy at its most concentrated, internal, quite strong energy. Metal embodies the power of restraint, separation and refinement

Water Element


Energy reverting, storing, floating (river) and descending (center). By nature, the most intelligent element, gentle on the surface and hidden inside.

Wood Element


Energy that is rising, first impulse, new life force energy, grows out of the ground and stabilises. It is time of rebirth, sudden growth.

What can understanding your Four Pillars of Destiny do for you?

Push you to follow your dreams

Similar to Western Astrology, every month and year brings something new for you. Each period (month, year, day) is related to an Element and each element has a corresponding aspect of your life such as your family and friends, yourself, career, and so on. For each period, the associated element and how it relates to your individual element will tell you the aspect of your life that will be in the forefront during that time.

Help You Overcome Obstacles

The Four Pillars will also present for you what aspects of your life will be challenged during different times of your life. Once you know what is coming up or present in your chart and how this relates to your individual chart elements, you will know how to confront and overcome the challenges ahead of you.

Maximize Your Accomplishments

We all have an element that portrays our accomplishments and achievement. Your chart can help you to know when the periods of your life will present opportunities for achievement so that you can make the most of them as they arise.

Make You More Accountable

Through your individual chart, you discover how each of the Elements in your Four Pillars clash or combine with each other. This shows how your individual elements work with or against the elements in the days, months, years coming up and how this affects your mindset and emotions at these times. Once you are aware of these interactions you can take extra care of how you are showing up in the world and not blame others.

Makes You Feel Revitalized

By knowing what Elements are favourable specifically to you and adding them in your daily living, you can help to revive your energies in the areas that serve you best.

Help You in Making Right Decisions

By understanding how the aspects from each Element relate to you, it will help you to make the right decisions for your future.

Makes Your Life Free from Anxiety

As you know what's coming up and what it means to you Elementally, you will be able to emotionally prepare yourself for the ebbs and flows of what life has in store for you. Draw on the corresponding elements that harmonise your chart to bring balance to your life and emotions.


Do you want to gain the knowledge of your own self, your relationships, your health and even your luck cycle?

Contact Lila to learn more about your own chart and unlock the secrets of your Four Pillars of Destiny.


About Lila

LilaLila has had an interest in Feng Shui/Chinese Astrology for over 15 years. Lila has a Certificate IV in Chinese Astrology – Four Pillars of Destiny. Lila is passionate about introducing people to the Four Pillars and helping them to understand more about their unique gifts, strengths, weaknesses, personality and direction in life. Lila believes that opening your mind to exciting and positive change can contribute to greater self awareness, which can benefit all areas of your life, and the people that surround you.

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