Essential Emotions: An introduction to Essential Oils

Posted on 06 March 2017

Doterra Essential Oils and Kayelle Designs Diffuser Jewellery

Let me first confess I’m obsessed with essential oils! As a busy mum of twins, running my own small business they have been a game changer in our household. From first aid, to emotional support and even helping me prep for the mother in laws arrival they are in use every day by us all (yes hubby is a secret oil user too!).

So when the opportunity arose to share with you about essential oils for the lovely Kylie of Kayelle Designs (and take a sneak peek at her awesome new Aromatherapy Range) there was no stopping me. Oils are my passion, let me tell you a few reasons why…

Just like that perfect piece of jewellery can boost your self-esteem and give you the confidence to strut out your stuff, so can essential oils. What’s more, they can interact with your body on a cellular level to directly enhance your wellbeing and emotional state. High quality, pure essential oils bring the volatile aromatic compounds found in nature direct into our homes as a powerful and natural support for our health and wellbeing. For me choosing a favourite oil is a bit like picking one of my children over the other, I love them all, but just for you guys I will give it a try.

My must have oil for the calm relaxing aroma is pure Lavender. This is my go to essential oil, supportive for stress and anxiety, calming for the emotions and also the skin. In our house it gets a daily workout from insect bites to scratches and soothing all types of minor irritations for kids and adults alike. It is also a night-time sanity saver, adding a few drops of Lavender to their pillows and rubbing some on the bottom of my kid’s feet aids in a restful night’s sleep for the whole household (and a bit more evening time for hubby and me).  

Lavender is steam distilled from the flower of the plant and the pure oil is safe for neat application topically on the skin. I can personally vouch for the soothing effect and support with healing the skin; this was the first oil I experienced applied topically, in a first aid setting, when I burnt my hand on a camping stove – healed so quickly and not a mark to be seen now!

Lavender Essential Oil for RelaxationNow, in the same way as we women should never have to go it alone, Lavender is a perfect oil to blend with others, it’s your trusted friend in the oil world, the one that you can take anywhere and know it will just fit in!. Given the challenges life can throw up I can’t get past blending it with one of the uplifting citrus oils for that instant stress relief. Pair the calm of Lavender with the energizing and uplifting scent of Wild Orange and you have the perfect mix to ease anxiety and stress – sanity in a bottle! Being the oil of abundance, Wild Orange can address a wide variety of emotional issues, supporting positive mood, restoring physical energy and bringing spontaneity and joy – I knew I loved it for a reason! 

Whether you are rocking the corporate world, running your own biz or raising the next generation of superheroes can’t we all do with a little bit of help to manage our emotions? Juggling family commitments and working from home I know I am often in need of a bit of extra support just to keep me on track.

My preferred oils are DoTERRA Essential Oils for their purity and high quality, due to the Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade guarantee, and the amazing blends created to meet virtually every need.

Energizing our household is vital in the mornings if we are to get the day started on time and a few drops of Citrus Bliss – the invigorating oil blend – is a perfect way to pep up everyone’s mood. Again, it is those cheerful citrus oils that do the work and with a waft of Bergamot, Clemantine, Graperfruit and Lemon to name a few, this is the perfect blend to get the whole families spark going in the morning.

Once in the office though we’ve all got to get some work done and my personal favourite oil for productivity is Motivate, an encouraging blend with an amazing combination of Mint and Citrus aromas – it absolutely is motivation in a bottle and my home office diffuser blend daily.

Peace Doterra Essential Oil and Kayelle Designs Diffuser Necklace

I love seeing people experience oils for the first time and the often strong connection to one individual oil or blend. For some, like Kayelle Designs' designer Kylie, it is Peace, the reassuring blend that makes the connection and with Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Frankincense and Clary Sage amongst the oils it is no surprise this blend resonates with so many.

These are really useful I hear you say – well absolutely they are, but they are also delicate, feminine and can respond in a unique way with each individuals own body chemistry. Whisper, the oil of femininity is my special oil, the one I turn to when I want to feel beautiful and alive with that subtle air of self-confidence. This is my "pure-fume" and night oil to help me reconnect with my feminine beauty.

We all want to look and feel our best for the days in and nights out, and what could be better than pairing the beautiful pieces from Kayelle Designs with amazing and emotionally supportive essential oils.

Oh and the tips for the mother in law… well apart from splashing a few drops of Forgive on my pulse points (great to help with understanding and tolerance) it was the Lemon oil in the water that helped make my windows sparkle and streak free that really won me the day!

I would love to offer you all access to these amazing doTERRA Essential Oils. If you are new to doTERRA I would love to send you out a small sample to let you really get the whole experience. Even better I am offering you a FREE 5ml Wild Orange with any new doTERRA order made!

To take advantage of this offer, jump over to my website then give me a shout via e-mail and I would love to chat more about your needs and welcome you into our High Vibe Oily Tribe!

DoTerra Balance Essential Oil and Kayelle Designs Diffuser Jewellery


About Helen: 

Helen Gray is founder of 'Living Well, Working Well', a small business focused on natural solutions for enhancing wellness in life and work. As a mum of 8 year old boy/girl twins and an Social Worker for almost 20 years Helen has seen her fair share of the wonderful highs and crushing lows life can bring. Creating Living Well, Working Well in 2016 was part of her own journey to seek to both live and work well. Helen is inspired to share her knowledge, experience and tangible tools with frontline practitioners and the 'givers and carers' amongst us. Helen is a proud doTERRA Wellness Advocate and distributor.

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