Forget New Years Resolutions - Set Intentions Instead

Posted on 04 January 2018

Forget Resolutions, Set Intentions

"Exercise more", "Eat healthier", "Give up alcohol"... Sound familiar? These are some of the most popular resolutions we make each year. Apparently, the majority of those resolutions don't make it past March!

But there is another way to approach this fresh slate as we make our way into the new year, by taking a different look at what your goals are for the year ahead. Rather than imposing a set of rules, which we know are so easy for us to "fail" at, look at what you what to grow or add to your life in the new year. Think deeper about how you want the year ahead to look and the mindset changes you'd like to see. Resolutions are about making changes, but intentions are about visualisation and real transformation.

You may already know your intentions or they may arise from journalling and meditation to recognise what you really deeply desire from your life in the year ahead. 

Last year, I started a new practice of choosing a word to symbolise my intention. My focus for 2017 was to make major mindset shifts. I wanted to bring positivity into my life, as well as motivation and focus. The word I used to manifest that into an intention was Choice. A powerful word to describe my desire to get back my personal power. Choice for me was about recognition that I did have choice and I did have power - perhaps in the way of being able to choose what I did or to make huge physical change in my situation, but that I had the power to choose how I reacted to situations, how I viewed the world around me and power over my internal monologue.

For 2018, my word is Simplify. This year, I am focussing on grounding, on foundation and on getting back to basics. I am living with intention, giving tasks my full attention rather than trying to rush through my to do list as quickly as possible. In a practical sense, I am setting foundations through reestablishing my connection with breath, mindfulness and yoga. I am aiming to rise earlier and make space for these things in my day more often.

Crystals are a wonderful way to manifest your intentions. A talisman or symbol of your commitment. The crystal I connected with the most for 2017 was Citrine, an excellent stone for manifestation and one I strongly connected with for regaining self confidence. Already this year, I am drawn to Smoky Quartz. Connected with the root, or base, chakra, it is a grounding stone and one that dispels negativity and helps to let go and create space for new beginnings.

What are your intentions for 2018?

Crystals to help with your Intentions

Bring abundance into your life
Citrine manifests abundance, in all its forms. It is the perfect stone if you are looking to attract wealth and also helps in holding on to it for those who are wanting to improve their relationship with saving money. Citrine's connection with the solar plexus chakra inspires your personal power too and I love this stone for self confidence.


Let go of the past

Smoky Quartz dispels negative energy and helps you to let go of old beliefs that may be holding you back from reaching your potential. It helps to release what no longer serves you, creating space for new energy and patterns to form.


Attract love and positivity

Rose Quartz is the stone of love. A beautiful stone if you are wanting to focus on self care in the new year. If you need healing of the heart, this stone will help to heal and to open the heart to new opportunity and positive energy.


Open up to new opportunities

Aventurine is thought to be one of the luckiest gemstones, manifesting prosperity and wealth. Known as the "stone of Opportunity", it releases old habits and patterns to provide opportunity for new growth. It energises and encourages optimism and hope.


Get motivated

Carnelian helps with motivation and also helps to get you moving, making it a great stone for those who want to include exercise in their new year. It is also a stone of success and vitality, attracting luck and prosperity. A wonderful stone for those who want to focus on starting or building a business.


Ditch that bad habit

For those who are still looking to ditch the booze or quite smoking, Amethyst encourages sobriety and is used to overcome addictions. Reframe your intention to creating new habits, opening yourself up and making a connection with your spirituality and inner strength. Amethyst is a beautiful healing stone, it is very calming and connects with spirituality and enlightenment.


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