How to Choose Your Mala

Posted on 28 September 2017

How to Choose Your Mala

How do you choose the right mala for you?

So, you're looking at all the beautiful malas or interested in adding one to your meditation practice and you can't help but wonder... how do I choose one? And how do I know if it's the right one? 

Mala beads are strings of beads that are traditionally used in a japa meditation practice, where a mantra is repeated for each bead. Nowadays malas are both used in meditation and worn as a reminder of intention.

The wonderful thing about malas is there is really no "right" way to choose one. Here are some suggestions on how you can determine which mala is for you...

Amplifier Mala


This is my personal favourite way to choose a mala. I believe that you will choose the right mala for you. What mala are you drawn to instinctively? Take a breath, open your heart and let your intuition guide you.


What is the purpose of your mala? What intentions do you want to meditate on or manifest? If you think about your why, you can be guided to the right mala for what you want to create.

Think about your intentions, what you desire or need from life. What attributes do you want to focus on when you are wearing or using your mala.

Some questions to ask might be:

What are my goals?
What feeling would I like to create from my meditation practice?
What am I struggling with right now?


Look at the crystals and gemstones in the mala and their meanings. What resonates with you or reflects something you need or desire right now.

If there is something specific you are working on creating or overcoming, crystals are a wonderful way to work with that. For example, Howlite provides a gentle calming energy, while Amazonite helps with communication.


Of course, you can simply choose what you find pretty. Often the colours and stones we are attracted to, when you look at their attributes are perfectly what you need. Colour therapy can be a quite powerful psychological tool, so think about what colours give you the sense that you want to feel from your mala. Do you want to feel happy, content, energised? Does Pink make you feel loved and nurtured? Does Blue feel calm?

Are you attracted to malas that have a certain feel, look or even smell? This can help you narrow your search.

Unconditional Love Mala

And, lastly, remember that there might not be just one mala for you. What you need right now might be attracting to you to one over another but you can have as many malas as you like!

I also love creating custom malas so if there is something specific you want to manifest send me an email or contact me on social media and I'd love to work on something special for you!

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