New Moon Intention Setting Ritual

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Posted on March 05 2019

New Moon Intention Setting Ritual
How to create a new moon ritual
The start of a new moon cycle is the time for planting new seeds and intentions. This is the time for making plans and cultivating new ideas.

A new moon may be a time to start setting the intention for an idea or desire you already know you want to manifest, or a time to meditate and uncover what you are wanting to invite in to your life.

Create Your Space
Set aside space, physically and spiritually, to make room for what you are manifesting. You may choose to create an altar, with candles or crystals that connect with you or your desired intention. It doesn't have to be elaborate, just something that creates the connection for you. You may like to smudge your altar or chosen space with sage, burn incense or diffuse essential oils. Music, singing bowls and crystal grids are also wonderful tools you can use for intention setting.

You can use an intention for your space here, such as:

I clear this space to connect me to my Higher Self, to allow my intentions to flow effortlessly through me and aligning with my true purpose. 

I use to connect to your higher self, but you may like to substitute with God, angels, guides, whatever resonates and has meaning for you.

Centre Yourself
Start your ritual by bringing yourself into the moment, grounding yourself. You can use some simple breathing exercises or meditations to relax and create that deeper connection to your Higher Self. I like to meditate with a visualistion of roots connecting into Mother Earth, drawing upon her centering, nourishing energy back up through the roots.

Set Your Intention
Write your intention in a journal, on a piece paper or a worksheet. Don't underestimate the power of physically writing your intentions. If you have a crystal that connects with your intention you can program the crystal, by holding the crystal and saying your intention aloud. You may like to create a strong visualisation around your crystal as you state your intention.

Invocations for programming your crystal may be something like: 
I program this crystal with the intention to....

Keep Your Intention
If you have programmed your crystal, you may want to carry it with you or you could use it in a crystal grid for the moon cycle. You may like to fold up your intention and keep in your purse or place it somewhere visible like on your bedside table or vision board. You may choose to keep your altar for the next 28 days or to continue to journal your progress. The idea is to keep your intention in your consciousness for the duration of the moon cycle.

New Moon Intention Setting Worksheet

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