The Best Essential Oils for Meditation

Posted on 05 March 2018

 The best essential oils to enhance your meditation

Meditation has been proven to give us so many benefits. It decreases stress, improves happiness, increases self awareness and even improves concentration and attention. It has been shown to be an effective tool in managing depression and anxiety and even more surprisingly to preserve our brains!

Essential oils are a tool we can use during meditation to facilitate a deeper connection or to help maintain focus. Using oils that provide grounding and mental focus can deepen our meditation practice.

How To Use Essential Oils During Meditation

One of the easiest ways to enjoy the benefits of essential oil during meditation is to diffuse it nearby to your meditation space. You can also add your essential oils to your pulse points, making sure to dilute your oils for topical application.

If you are meditating on a yoga mat or as part of your yoga practice, you can also use the oils directly on your yoga mat. Essential oils can also be used to clean your mat, incorporating an oil like Eucaplytus (good for focus and breathing) can be use to to disinfect your mat naturally.

Of course, another way to receive your aromatherapy benefits during meditation is to apply the oils to your aromatherapy jewellery.

Here are some oils you can use during meditation to enhance your practice.


Sandalwood is one of the best oils to use during meditation. Sandalwood is one of the woods traditionally used in mala meditation beads and it is spiritually connected with meditation. The aroma of sandalwood is cleansing, grounding and relaxing. It can help with clearing the mind, releasing stress and focussing on your inner quiet.


Cedarwood enhances concentration and focus inwards. Use cedarwood to quiet your mental chatter and give clarity while providing a calm and relaxed meditation.


Vetiver is both grounding and focussing, two properties linked closely to bringing out the best in your meditation practice.


Frankincense enhances your spiritual connection during meditation. This oil is one to use if you have a specific purpose for your meditation. A relaxing oil that provides grounding and balancing. 


Another spiritual oil, Myrrh assists with spiritual opening, creating tranquillity and calm.


Neroli, or Orange Blossom, can be used to stay present and calm. A fabulous oil to using during mindfulness meditations, by anchoring you in the now. Benefits of Neroli include reducing stress and eliminating negative thoughts. Neroli is a beautiful oil to enhance your feelings of self love and acceptance during meditation.


For a calming, relaxing meditation, you cannot go past Lavender. Bring a full body sense of calm, perfect for relieving the stress of the day and letting go during meditation.


Essential Oils for Meditation Infographic


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