Why You Should Use A Mala In Your Next Meditation Practice

Posted on 28 May 2017

Why you should use mala beads in your next meditation practice

Create an intention

Mala beads can be chosen to symbolise something important to you or an attribute you wish to focus on during meditation. Crystals, gemstones and colours used in a mala often have a purpose or meaning. Set the mala at the front of your mat during meditation or yoga to remind yourself of your purpose.

You can also wear your mala necklace to honor whatever it means for you like an accomplishment, intention or desire.


Get in touch with your breath

Use it in your pranayama practice to bring more concentration to your breathing. By using each bead as a cue for breathing, it will help to focus on the breath cycles. When practicing your pranayama (deep breathing), each mala bead gets its own breath in and out, moving to the next bead for the next breath and so on.


Stay grounded

For some people, it helps to have a physical connection during your meditation practice. Having something that connects you to help guide you and to come back to during your practice can help regain focus when you are beginning meditation practice.


Keep focus

By choosing a mantra to repeat during meditation, can help you to stay focused on your intention. Even the simple act of using "om" with each mala bead can help you stay in the moment and focussed on the act of meditating.


Set your timing

Whether by creating rhythm in the process of your breathing or in the security of having a start and end to your practice, timing can be a useful tool during meditation. Using a mala gives you a set time for your meditation and also helps in creating a flow to focus on.


Mala bead for meditation

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  • Lauren: June 01, 2017

    I agree… I didn’t know what they are used for – appreciate this post!
    …. and they’re beautiful too :)

  • Lisa: May 29, 2017

    I didn’t even know what Mala beads were. Thanks for the explanation and helpful tips.

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