• Selenite Wand - Medium
  • Selenite Wand - Medium
  • Selenite Wand - Medium

Selenite Wand - Medium

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Cleansing | Stabilising | Protective

A perfect little cleansing stone to keep in your pocket or handbag or beside your computer.

With its stunning pearly lustre and delicate fibrous crystalline structure, Selenite is named for the moon and invites serene, peaceful energy.

Selenite helps to quite the mind, bringing peace and mental clarity, stabilizing emotions and drawing forth a conscious understanding.

A powerful cleansing crystal that also brings protection and harmony to your space.

Use Selenite for cleansing other crystals or in a protective grid to encourage peaceful energy in your home.

Selenite wands are programmed with intent and used to focus energy. Use the cleansing energy of Selenite by rotating the want in a circle away from the body, drawing the energy away from you.

Chakras: Crown

Zodiac: Taurus

Approx length: 10 cm

Approx weight:  50 grams

As crystals are natural formations, each crystal is unique, which makes these such a special addition to your home. Your crystal will be similar in nature to the item pictured, although the exact dimensions, shape and colour will vary. We take care to ensure that the quality of our crystals is reflective of the pictures available.

Note: These raw crystals are delicate and may shed small pieces with handling,

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