• Fluorite Natural Octahedron
  • Fluorite Natural Octahedron
  • Fluorite Natural Octahedron

Fluorite Natural Octahedron


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Focus | Clarity | Harmony

Enhance your focus with cleansing and clarifying Fluorite. Connect with the sacred geometry of the octahedron, a natural formation of fluorite.

Octahedron connects with the Heart chakra, representing love, compassion and integration. An octahedron is one of the five platonic shapes, with 8 faces, 6 vertices and 12 sides. Acting as a generator, these little stones can be used to direct energy flow, making them a wonderful addition to energy healing or meditation.

Fluorite is a stone is known as the "genius stone" and is used for clarity and focus. It is a cleansing and harmonising stone, connected with spirituality and thought. Fluorite is stabilising and grounding, promoting intuition and helping with clarity of thought and communication.

If you are disorganised or need structure, the stabilising and purifying energies of Fluorite help to bring order to your world. Working to bring things to the surface, it can also help with processing and resolving emotions.

Fluorite is an excellent addition to your work desk during the day with its cleansing energy to recharge from the draining energy of the technology that surrounds us.

As crystals are natural formations, each crystal is unique, which makes these such a special addition to your home. Your crystal will be similar in nature to the item pictured, although the exact dimensions, shape and colour will vary. We take care to ensure that the quality of our crystals is reflective of the pictures available. If you have a colour preference for your fluorite, you are welcome to request in the notes at checkout and we will do our best to accommodate if available.

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