About Kayelle Designs

Meaningful, Lifestyle and Yoga Inspired Jewellery Handmade in Western Australia

Kayelle Designs jewellery features necklaces and bracelets made with love using precious metals and natural gemstones. Each piece is thoughtfully designed with intention, with attention to the meaning of materials used, chakras and healing as well as fashion trends.

Inspired by yoga and our desire to bring our spirituality into our everyday lives, Kayelle jewellery is designed to be classic but with a bohemian twist. All our pieces are handmade locally in Perth, WA.

The philosophy behind Kayelle Designs is to create beautiful, meaningful jewellery that amplifies the wearer's intentions and desires. I believe jewellery should reflect quite literally wearing your heart on your sleeve.

Looking for a custom design?  I'd love to make something for you that perfectly suits your style. Simply get in touch with me on kylie@kayelledesigns.com.au.


Kylie Meditate

About Me


Hi, my name's Kylie and I'm the woman behind Kayelle Designs. I’m 35, mummy to one very energetic and hilarious 3 year old, Jensen, and wife to Paul.

I started learning about aromatherapy, crystals, chakras and meditation when I was a teenager. The more I learnt, the more I immersed myself in holistic wellness and back then it was seen as a very 'hippy' thing to do. My first crystals were tiny amethysts (I was a high school student after all!), and with those I experimented with crystal grids and meditation. My first essential oils were Rosemary, as a study aid, and Frankinsense, which I would place on my pillow at night for sleep.

As I hit my twenties, I drifted away from frequent meditation and the more 'new age' pursuit, instead throwing myself into the corporate world. In my later twenties, I rediscovered a passion for holistic health revisiting yoga and fitness and even studying nutritional medicine; in the process learning about traditional Indian and Chinese medicines and other natural therapies. 

Becoming a mum, I experienced a kind of identity 'crisis', though I'm not sure if that's quite the word. Many new mums experience this cross-roads of sorts, not exactly feeling right returning to the corporate job I once had but also feeling a need for something to define myself outside of mama-hood.  Although cherishing my new role as mum, it actually threw me back into creative passions, and from there started Kayelle Designs.

Kayelle is my passion, my creative outlet and my 'other baby', but during the day I still work full time as a project manager. Through Kayelle I have rediscovered my connection with crystals and love for meditation and holistic health. I have soaked my soul in learning and developing my spiritual side once more and reconnected with something that drives a real passion within me.