• Amazonite Pendant Necklace
  • Amazonite Pendant Necklace
  • Amazonite Pendant Necklace
  • Amazonite Pendant Necklace

Amazonite Pendant Necklace


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Calm | Self Truth | Communication

Amazonite is a gentle, calming crystal that helps you to connect with your authentic self.  A tumble stone is perfect to carry within you to connect with the healing crystal energies wherever you are, fitting neatly in your pocket or handbag.

Amazonite is known as the Stone of Courage or the Stone of Truth, empowering you to learn and live to your own truth. It is a soothing stone for calming and balancing that promotes communication, truth and intuition.  

As a communication stone, Amazonite helps with clarity in communications, in self expression and in understanding both of ourselves and others. It encourages calm, rational communication and speaking the truth.

The calming energies of Amazonite promote emotional balance and it is helpful in releasing grief.

Amazonite has a positive energy and is also known for bringing luck.

An empowering crystal, use Amazonite to support you in a journey of self discovery.

About this necklace

Black and gold Amazonite can vary in shades from pale green, golden tones and deeper blue-green. Some pieces have a mixture of greens and golden shades. Set on a long sterling silver chain, this rectangular cut raw crystal is between 2-4cm in length. Being a natural product, each crystal is completely unique with the dimensions and colours of each item being as individual as you!

Choose between 50cm, 60cm or 80cm length chain, finished with a sterling silver lobster clasp. The size of the crystal used will be based on the length selected, with the 50cm necklace length including a shorter pendant and 80cm closer to 4cm crystal.

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