• Amethyst Crystal Point
  • Amethyst Crystal Point
  • Amethyst Crystal Point
  • Amethyst Crystal Point
  • Amethyst Crystal Point

Amethyst Crystal Point


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Spiritual Growth | Transformation | Healing | Sleep

These Amethyst points come with a flat base, making them perfect for adding to your desk or bedside table. Use them in crystal grids or include them in your meditation space to deepen the spiritual connection through your meditation.

Amethyst is said to aid healing and spiritual growth. It is connected with spirituality, meditation and sleep. It encourages love of the divine and spiritual wisdom and awareness. A stone of transformation and enlightenment, use Amethyst when you are on a spiritual journey of discovery.

Amethyst is used to expand the mind and enhance creativity. Because this stone amplifies your creative energies, it is the perfect crystal for artists and creative types. 

This highly calming, soothing stone is sometimes referred to as “nature’s tranquiliser”.  Include this crystal in your bedroom for peaceful sleep and to discourage nightmares.

Amethyst helps with overindulgence and addiction, it tempers emotional extremes and is said to encourage sobriety. Break addictive patterns and destructive patterns with this healing stone. It helps to support you in coming to terms with loss and in transitioning through periods of grief. 

Birthstone: February

Chakras: Crown, Third Eye

Zodiac: Aquarius, Pisces

Approx size: 6cm tall

Approx weight: 140 grams

As crystals are natural formations, each crystal is unique, which makes these such a special addition to your home. Your crystal will be similar in nature to the item pictured, although the exact dimensions, shape and colour will vary. We take care to ensure that the quality of our crystals is reflective of the pictures available.

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