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Harmony Mala


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" I am at peace and harmony "

Featuring the large blue agate slice, with its calming energy, this mala is for the free spirits who are living their truth and at one with their world.

Magnesite is used to deepen meditation and bring peace and relaxation. A great stone for artists and creative types, inspiring creativity, visualisation and new ideas. Magnesite provides emotional balance and connection, making it wonderful for promoting positive relationships. It encourages tolerance and promotes an optimistic outlook on life. Magnesite is said to bring the hemispheres of the brain into harmony, both stimulating ideas and creativity while having a calming effect to emotions.

White Jade filters distractions and aids in focus and decision making. A calming and grounding stone, it promotes healing and influences intuition and higher consciousness. White Jade purifies the energies of the heart, increasing the energy of love around you and improving relationships.

Agate is a warm, protective stone providing strength and harmony. It is a stone for balance, harmonising the yin and yang energies, lending a stabilising and strengthening energy with a slow steady frequency. Agate helps with self analysis and promotes self acceptance. It promotes pragmatic, realistic thinking and imagination.

Blue Agate is a calm and tranquil stone associated with communication and truth. It is a stone of encouragement and support.

Greywood beads are used for their dark grey colour and do not have a strong fragrance like the sandalwood.

Tassels symbolise enlightenment. As the strands combine into one, they symbolise our connection to the Divine and to each other.

This mala is 108 beads plus a single turquoise guru bead and large blue agate slice, with a long aqua silk tassel and textured silver accent beads throughout. It is created by hand with loving intention and sits approximately 51cm in length.

Use your mala during meditation, wear as a reminder of your intention or wear them simply for their free bohemian style.

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