• I Am Loved Heart Chakra Mala
  • I Am Loved Heart Chakra Mala
  • I Am Loved Heart Chakra Mala
  • I Am Loved Heart Chakra Mala
  • I Am Loved Heart Chakra Mala

I Am Loved Heart Chakra Mala


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The Heart Chakra mala for love, compassion and forgiveness.

The Heart Chakra is related to love, compassion and positivity. It influences our relationships and connections, how we relate and connect with the world around us.  The Heart Chakra is not only about our relationships with others, it also forms our relationship with ourself, our self love and ego.

This mala is made with a silver toggle clasp, which allows you to easily wear it multiple ways and is finished with a silver Heart Chakra symbol.

Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love. Be it passionate love, self love, friendship and compassion. Rose Quartz helps deepen and strengthen relationships and bonds. It heals the heart and supports it in times of change. A beautiful stone to protect the hearts of sensitive souls and for new mothers to bond with their babies.

White Jade filters distractions and aids in focus and decision making. A calming and grounding stone, it promotes healing and influences intuition and higher consciousness. White Jade purifies the energies of the heart, increasing the energy of love around you and improving relationships

Sandalwood is a fragrant wood that is used in malas to enhance the depths of your meditation. Our malas do come with the fragrance of the sandalwood still strong, however this will decrease over time. The fragrance of sandalwood is also associated with the Sacral chakra.

This mala is 108 beads accented with Rose Quartz and White Jade with a silver Heart chakra charm and silver accents throughout. It is created by hand with loving intention and sits approximately 37cm in length, laying flat with the clasp done.

Use your mala during meditation, wear as a reminder of your intention or wear them simply for their free bohemian style.

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