• Prosperity Mala

Prosperity Mala


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" Manifest Your Dreams " 

    A mala for manifesting your destiny, with crystals for manifestation, abundance and prosperity.

    Amazonite is known as the Stone of Courage or the Stone of Truth, empowering you to learn and live to your own truth. It is a soothing stone for calming and balancing that promotes communication, truth and intuition. Amazonite is also useful for empowering and provides support in a journey of self discovery. It encourages calm, rational communication and speaking the truth. As a communication stone, it helps with clarity in communications, in self expression and in understanding both of ourselves and others.

    Apatite is a stone of manifestation. It enhances personal power and is associated with psychic and spiritual development. Apatite stimulates intellect and helps drive motivation and success. Use Apatite to enhance your problem solving abilities. Apatite is a stone to help achieve your goals. It helps inspire you and encourage creativity. A beautiful stone to wear with meditation, deepening the spiritual connection through your practice.

    Citrine is a stone of abundance, in all its forms. Helping to attract and maintain wealth and good fortune, this is a wonderful stone for people in business. Use Citrine when you are setting your goals or need an energy boost. A protective stone, transforming negative energy into positive, Citrine brings optimism and light. It fosters creativity and drives the imagination, helping with self expression. Keep your ideas flowing and focussed on your dreams with sunny Citrine in your life.

    Sodalite understands true wisdom through the depths of truth, logic and rational thought. Bring peace and tranquility to your day with the stabilizing and harmonising energy of Sodalite. Sodalite lets you know who you are, providing insight, awakening and an intellectual understanding of yourself. It helps to uncover your purpose and to help express those thoughts and feelings clearly. Sodalite soothes stress and releases tension, reinforcing emotional balance and releasing fears.

    This mala is 108 beads of amazonite, apatite, citrine and sodalite with an Amazonite bead and blue silk tassel, accented with sterling silver beads. It is created by hand with loving intention and sits approximately Xcm in length, laying flat.

    Use your mala during meditation, wear as a reminder of your intention or wear them simply for their free bohemian style.

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