• Spirit Bracelet - Smoky Quartz
  • Spirit Bracelet - Smoky Quartz
  • Spirit Bracelet - Smoky Quartz
  • Spirit Bracelet - Smoky Quartz

Spirit Bracelet - Smoky Quartz


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The grounding energies of smoky quartz and sandalwood, this bracelet will connect you with the earth, keeping you balanced and centred. The protective smoky quartz dispels negativity, replacing it with uplifting energy.

The Spirit bracelet is the perfect addition to your yoga stack. Sandalwood brings a calm and grounding energy to your practice and the single crystal connects with your intention.

Smoky Quartz is sometimes known as a "power" stone and is a stone for protection and grounding. Smoky Quartz assists in relieving stress, anxiety, panic attacks and negativity. It is used to release negativity energies such as fear, anger, sorrow, stress and emotional blocks. Use its protective energy to protect from outside negativity. Smoky Quartz helps to balance the flow of energy. Bring your head out of the clouds and strengthen your connection to the earth. A stone for endurance and to refocus and strengthen our physical energy connection. Smoky Quartz is often used in balancing the energy flow of the Root Chakra.

Sandalwood is a sacred wood with a strong aromatic scent. The sandalwood scent will be strong before the first wear, however this will decrease with wear. Sandalwood is a soothing wood with a positive energy and helps with focus, which makes it perfect for meditation.

This bracelet features sandalwood and smoky quartz beads on stretch string.

  • Petite - 16cm
  • Small - 17.5cm
  • Medium - 19cm

To measure your sizing, use a tape measure around your wrist, keeping the tape fitted but not tight. Add approximately 1.5cm for a comfortable snug fit, or more if you prefer a looser style.

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