• Sodalite Worry Stone
  • Sodalite Worry Stone
  • Sodalite Worry Stone
  • Sodalite Worry Stone

Sodalite Worry Stone


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Logic | Truth | Communication | Harmony

Use a worry stone to centre yourself during times of stress, a physical grounding connection, an anchor to the moment combine with crystal energies. The connection between Sodalite, stabilising energy and rational thought make it a wonderful stone for anxiety, particularly those who suffer from panic attacks. 

A worry stone is similar size to a palm stone, with a curved shape that fits between your hand and thumb. Take the stone in your hand and rub with your thumb while connecting to your breath or reciting a mantra.

Sodalite understands true wisdom through the depths of truth, logic and rational thought.

Bring peace and tranquility to your day with the stabilizing and harmonising energy of Sodalite, letting it soothe stress and release tension. Reinforcing emotional balance and releasing fears, it is helpful to calm the mind and to relieve panic attacks.

Sodalite lets you know who you are, providing insight, awakening and an intellectual understanding of yourself.  Use it during periods of self examination to uncover your purpose and your true feelings. Then draw on the communication properties to help express those thoughts and feelings clearly.

Sodalite combines the spiritual with the logical. It helps with understanding the underlying reasoning behind your emotions and with being true to yourself.

Chakras: Throat, Third Eye

Zodiac: Sagittarius

Approx size: 4cm

Approx weight:  15 - 25 grams

As crystals are natural formations, each crystal is unique, which makes these such a special addition to your home. Your crystal will be similar in nature to the item pictured, although the exact dimensions, shape and colour will vary. We take care to ensure that the quality of our crystals is reflective of the pictures available.

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