• Tawazun Mala
  • Tawazun Mala
  • Tawazun Mala
  • Tawazun Mala
  • Tawazun Mala

Tawazun Mala


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" My mind and body are in perfect balance "

Tawazun is an Arabic word meaning balance. It is about the yin and yang of life, the equilibrium through our mind, body and soul. 

Made with Agate beads, which symbolise protection, strength and harmony. Agate is a warm protective stone, promoting stability and security. Agate is a stone for balance, harmonising the yin and yang energies.

This mala is made from moroccan and grey agate beads.

Greywood beads are used for their dark grey colour and do not have a strong fragrance like the sandalwood.

Tassels symbolise enlightenment. As the strands combine into one, they symbolise our connection to the Divine and to each other.

This mala is 108 beads plus a line of agate beads in place of a guru bead, with a short deep blue grey tassel and textured silver accent beads throughout. It is created by hand with loving intention and sits approximately 46cm in length, laying flat.

Use your mala during meditation, wear as a reminder of your intention or wear them simply for their free bohemian style.

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